Team building in outdoors

Nomads Path is a company that is active in the field of outdoor excursions as well as in the design and implementation of "Team building" programs, aiming at the most honest and direct experience in nature, the connection with the local culture and the development of the team spirit and of equal coexistence, while providing maximum security to the participants.

Always guided by respect for the natural environment, professionalism and reliability, we offer a range of daily to multi-day excursions that include hiking-trekking, sea kayak, climbing, cycling, tours, workshops. At the same time, we offer "Team building" programs of group activities, which are addressed to executives of companies, organizations and organized associations.
Looking forward to the continuous enrichment and originality of our programs, the specialized team of Nomads Path chooses to study new ideas and to be constantly trained in the relevant fields.

Team Building Programs

Team Building programs are designed specifically for each team based on the composition, the specific needs and the respective goals. In addition, there is the possibility of choosing from the palette of offered activities.
NomadsPath proposes integrated programs, puts the entertainment of the participants as a key concern in each of its designs, while innovating in the organization "Team Building" in open spaces as it includes in the choices the group play based on theatrical techniques, emphasizing the cooperation and not in playful competition.