Tours in Epirus region

High peaks, alpine lakes, impressive gorges, wild and unspoiled nature, impressive views of the greek mountains. Discover wild Greece.

Discover Zagori & Aoos Geopark

 duration2 7 days  |    trek3Guided  |   level  Easy 

This trip takes places in Zagori a mountainous region of stunning beauty, one of the most strictly protected areas in Greece. Visit traditional villages, explore Aoos Geopark with its majestic mountains, impressive gorges,rich forests and crystal clear rivers.

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Beloi viewpoint – Vradeto steps – Stone bridges

This stunning walk allows you to see and feel a great share of the essence of the Zagori magic: its cobbled roads, picturesque villages and stone bridges amidst beautiful mountainous landscapes.

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National Park Vikos-Aoos tour

 duration2 7 days  |    trek3Guided  |   level  Moderate 

This tour takes places in the Vikos-Aoos National Park, the most untouched area in Greece, in the region of Epirus. The relative small human impact, the rare flora and fauna of the area, and thanks to its wild and unspoiled nature makes this place unique.

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Hiking and Rafting in Voidomatis

 duration2 Half day   |    trek3Guided  |   level  Easy 

The perfect combination to enjoy the picturesque Voidomatis river in the most enjoyable and fun fashion suitable for all hikers or families.

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