Duration: 2 Days
      Group size: 4-14 people
      Departure: Athens center
      Meals: Snacks and meals are provided
      Level: Easy
      Altitude: 1150 m

    Trip Introduction

    Join us for an exploration of the Flambouritsa, a gorge of great beauty and richness in flora and fauna, which belongs to the Natura 2000 - the largest network of protected areas in the world, offering a haven to Europe's most valuable and threatened species and habitats. Birthplace of Hermes, God of travellers, Flambouritsa is a welcoming terrain with mild water streams gushing by a abundant forest.

    We will head uphill reaching Ntourntouvana, one of the most reknown peaks of the area and we will camp by the lake Doksa at a unique terrain due to the particular geomorphology of the surrounding mountains. The area also is home to the 400 years old monastery of saint George that played an important role during the Greek Revolution against the Ottoman Empire. We will have the chance to visit its premises, talk to the locals and be offered traditional, rose-water tasting, sweets.

    Physical Condition & Experience Requirements

    Dourdouvana trail is not a technical hike but a good stamina is an advance. No prior trekking experience is required; however having done some hikes before will still be an asset. It is recommended for participants with pre-existing medical conditions such as heart, lung, and blood diseases to consult their doctor before any hike.

    DAY1 ButtonHike Flabouritsa gorge -  Doxa lake

    The Gorge of Flambouritsa stands out among the impressive peaks of Little and Big Ziria and is the most lively and intact part of the mountain.Upon arrival we will only have a short time for a snack to boost our energy levels.Today the total hiking time is estimated about 5 hours. We will follow a very nice and interesting route. We will descend very gently to the Flampouritsa gorge and cross it through a beautiful fir forest. After 2 hour of walking we will stop at the heart of Flampouritsa to have a snack next to a river and enjoy the amazing landscape. Afterwards we take the same path to get to the starting point. We will drive towards Doksa lake, our destination for the night.

    Overnight at a nearby village.

    DAY2 Button Hike Dourdouvana Mt - Swim in the sea - Eat in local tavern

    Today we will explore a part of the mountainous Corinth. We will hike Durduvana mountain to a point that offers us a stunning view to Doksa lake. A lake with unparalleled natural beauty at an altitude of 900 meters in Feneos of Corinth, drowned in forests of firs and pines, it is almost reminiscent of a Swiss landscape. The day starts early as we need to leave lake Doksa already by 07.30. This will give us the chance to enjoy the sun rising behind before we take a path that will take us to the top of Ntourntouvana peak. During this 7-8 hour hike we will cover 12 km and an altitude difference of more that 1150 m. We will return to our base at 14.00 to have a snack before heading towards ksilokastro beach, an hour drive away. A relaxing dive in the sea and delicious local food at a nearby traditional tavern is all we need to release the heat and the tiredness of the day. At about 7 we will take the way back to Athens where we expect to arrive at about 21.00


    What is included in the price

    - Transportation from Athens to Flabouritsa and Doxa lake and return to Athens.
    - 1 night accomodation in 3 star hotel based on double occupancy
    - Hiking Equipment (baton)
    - Snacks during the hikes
    - 1 meals (1 breakfast)
    - English speaking guide
    - All taxes

     What is not included in the price

    - Booking flights to Athens
    - Travel insurance
    - Sleeping bags
    - Alcoholic beverages
    - Additional expences as a result of leaving the tour earlier
    - Additional expences as a result of staying longer
    - All other services that are not listed above



    During this journey we will stay in cozy family run hotels, ranked as 3 star. The accommodation will be based on double occupancy and if you are travelling by yourself, you will be paired up with another single client of the same sex. Single rooms are available for a supplementary cost. Free wifi is available in most of the hotels


    Essential information for your trip

    Food and water in Greece

    Greek food is absolutely excellent and very healthy. It is a huge part of Greek culture. The colourful Mediterranean diet of tasty dishes alongside a fantastic range of fresh vegetables and salads, the excellent ingredients, the lengthy procedure involved in preparing the food, the culture of sharing dishes with others, eating with friends or with the family, it is social event where you get to share a lot more than just food.

    Breakfasts will be taken at the overnight guesthouses, buffet style and usually they offer bred, jam, honey, local yogurt, traditional homemade pies, fresh juices, coffee and tea.
    Dinners usually include starters, fresh salad and of course local recipes and delicatessens.
    All the places on this trip have drinkable water from the tap to fill your personal water bottles. Please check with the tour leader at the various location

    Passport and Visas

    Citizens from EU and from UK do not need a visa to visit Greece.Also, USA passport holders do not require a visa.

    Weather in Greece

    The weather in Greece during May to September is characterized by warm days.

    What to bring with you

    - Hiking shoes
    - Headlamp
    - Daypack or Backpack
    - Water Bottle
    - Extra clothes
    - Swimingsuit
    - Towel
    - Waterproof jacket
    - Sleeping bag (is required for the mountain refuges)
    - Hat
    - Sunscreen


Taygetos Mountain tour

€ 280
1 Adult

Duration: 2 Days
Departure: From Athens


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