4ήμερο στην Κονιτσα και στα Μαστοροχώρια
Το 3ήμερο της Καθαράς Δευτέρας ταξιδεύουμε στην όμορφη Ηπειρο και συγκεκριμένα στην γραφική ακριτική κωμοπολη της Κόνιτσας. Λίγο πιο βόρεια, βρίσκεται μία ομάδα ορεινών οικισμών, τα περίφημα Μαστοροχώρια, διάσημα ως τόπος καταγωγής λαϊκών μαστόρων της πέτρας οπου θα εχουμε την ευκαιρια να επισκεφτούμε.

24 Φεβρ. 2023

      Duration: Day tour
      Group: 4-14 people
      Meeting point : Monodendri village
      Level: Moderate

    Crossing the Vikos gorge with a geomorphologist
    Tour Overview

    This very popular hike is devoted to the magnificent gorge of Vikos, the gem of Zagori and one of the most impressive and famous landforms in Greece. The classic gorge traverse is complemented by several small extras which make all the difference


    Starting our walk from Monodendri, we will admire its grandeur from a well-hidden viewpoint nearby. Wondering how and when this monumental landform was formed? Well, how lucky to be guided by a geomorphologist with plenty of field research experience in this region. Nothing can be compared though with the unique experience of walking along the Vikos streambed, dwarfed by its gargantuan 1000m cliffs. The path is nowadays clear, making this traverse feasible for anyone in fairly good physical condition. Still, it is a long route over remote, inaccessible terrain that should not be taken lightly.

    On a hot summer’s day, arriving at the startling plane-shaded springs of the Voidomatis near the end of the route is really unforgettable. The crystal clear drinkable water gushes between the rocks at the riverside to form the beautiful Voidomatis River.
    Further ahead the abandoned monastery of Theotokos with its quaint little chapel built in 1773 and a bath in the nearby turquoise icy pools complete this experience of Vikos. Uhm, there is a short but weary last ascent to the hamlet of Vikos, perched on a rocky outcrop above the gorge. But the stunning views on the way up truly make up for it!

    Hiking time: 6-7 hrs
    Distance: 13.5 km
    Total Ascent/Descent: 350m/ 800m
    Difficulty: Moderate


    What is included in the price

    - Transfer back to the starting point of the hike
    - Hiking Equipment (baton)
    - Snacks during the hikes
    - Guided by an academic geomorphologist or collaborator with extensive local knowledge
    - All taxes

    What is not included in the price

    - International airfare and any airport taxes
    - Travel insurance
    - Meals
    - Alcoholic beverages
    - All other services that are not listed above


    What to bring with you

    • Hiking shoes
    • Day Backpack
    • Water Bottle
    • Swimingsuit
    • Hat
    • Sunscreen

Vikos gorge crossing

€ 90
1 Adult

Duration:  Day tour
Meeting point : Monodendri


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