Hiking tours

High peaks, alpine lakes, impressive gorges, wild and unspoiled nature, impressive views of the greek mountains. Discover wild Greece.

Athens sunset hiking tour

Time for a break from the city noise. Enjoy breathtaking views, walk through pine forest paths, and visit historical monasteries. An excellent opportunity as the hike combines nature and history.

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Olympus Mt tour

It is undoubtedly the most popular mountain in Greece. Trekking the highest mountain of the country, the mythical home of the ancient Greek Gods, is definitely a unique experience. Visit ancient sites and swimming into crystal-clear pools with waterfalls.

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National Park Vikos-Aoos tour

This tour takes places in the Vikos-Aoos National Park, the most untouched area in Greece, in the region of Epirus. The relative small human impact, the rare flora and fauna of the area, and thanks to its wild and unspoiled nature makes this place unique.

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Parnitha National Park day tour

Spend a day hiking around and exploring the bigest mountain closest to Athens. The National Park of Parnitha provides the ideal solution for those who love nature and they want to escape from the noisy city.

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Taygetos Mt tour

The imposing Taygetos, the highest mountain in Peloponnese, hides countless secrets, forests, and an impressive natural landscape which invites you to discover it through its paths. Taygetos trekking is definitely a fascinating experience.

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Hike Dourdouvana & Flabouritsa gorge

Cross Flambouritsa Gorge and then Find your peace by camping next to Doxa lake with a fascinating natural landscape. The surrounded high mountains are calling you to experience a beautiful trek.

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