who we are


Nomadspath is a tour operator cooperative founded in 2018 in Greece with the vision to offer authentic memorable experiences to travellers who want to explore the Greek nature and culture.
Our mission is to engage in sustainable tourism activities, founded on three core values:

  • Have low impact on the ecosystems we visit
  • Respect the local cultural traditions
  • Support local economies

Our strategy is to address the travellers who want to visit globally yet live locally in the vibrant rhythm of the host communities. Small groups, unexplored destinations, interaction with locals and plethora of activities in nature are the key success factors of our operations

the team

Nikos K.  (Guide)
Trekking to the mountains and excursions in nature have always been one of my favorite activities. Traveling is another passion I have which has been a part of me since I was young. In my travels I try to understand the local culture and customs of the country while respecting the local people and their environment. I visit places to taste their authenticity, specifically in areas where tourist industry has not left any impact.

Mike G.  ( Guide )
I was born and raised in Mountain Parnassos, in a small but well-known village called Delphi where the ancient god Apollo used to have one of his oracles. You will always find me immersing myself in nature activities, from simple hikes to mountaineering, skiing, mountain bike and canyoning. I love to travel around the world to meet locals and discover the most exciting nature activities.

Dimitris S.  ( Guide )
Zakynthos island is my place of birth and where I spent my childhood. Activities in nature and especially on mountains (cycling, rock climbing, mountaineering) have always been part of my life. I have traveled to 27 countries all around the world and I prefer natural environment and small villages where the local culture exists than big cities.

Kostas K.  ( Guide )
Mountain enthusiast . Being born in the wild made me seek out almost every activity that can been done in nature. I have travelled and trekked around the world, understanding the culture of the locals. My travels have brought me to Colombia, Nepal, India, Madagascar, Kenya, Morocco and northern Scandinavia. This has inspired me to share the amazing feelings and vibes you get when you travel with others, so here we go!

Kostas A.  ( Guide )
Born in Australia and raised in Greece. I spent a few years living in Athens, but as I have always been in love with nature, I eventually returned to my village in Evia where I live with my wife and son. We have our own beekeeping business, in compliance with a natural way of living. My biggest love is spending time on the mountains - skiing, trekking, and climbing. Sharing knowledge is my way of life.