NomadsPath eco-lab: where ecotourism meets citizen science

NomadsPath aims to contribute to environmental sustainability through nature-based citizen science programs. These are activities designed and developed for non-scientists who want to increase scientific knowledge and participate in environmental scientific research.

NomadsPath eco-lab tours are meant to offer an authentic travel adventure and to contribute to the research activities of partner institutions. Such may include data collection and monitoring e.g. for the observation, identification, photography and registration of plants, animals, other organisms, nests, traces and other data relevant to ecosystems, biodiversity and environmental research.

Our volunteer expeditions are not tours, or touristic excursions, but volunteering research expeditions, based on good citizen science, on a close conjunction with local people and scientists.

Our goal is to contribute for a more sustainable planet and we try to achieve this by collaborating and helping research institutions, universities, organisations which operate in an ethical and sustainable way.

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who has a passion for exploration, nature and wants to contribute to science
  • There is no previous experience required.
  • All participants will use the same protocol, so data can be combined and be high quality;
  • Data will help real research. A dedicated researcher will be part of the group who will instruct and guide the team through the process. 
  • All  project data will be made publicly available. You will acknowledged in project results and publications

NomadsPath eco-lab tour merges citizen science, adventure travel and ecotourism, actively supporting sustainable development. We safeguard the environmental and social benefits of this concept by working in small groups, keeping our environmental footprint low, supporting local economies and closely following the guidelines of the scientific staff.

Projects supported

Looking for the lost glaciers on Mount Parnassos

The geological record contains a wealth of data on climate change, providing data for understanding past climate change, such as the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere or the ocean temperature, on a much larger scale than direct measurements by various instruments. In other words, nature itself can tell us its story. As long as we know how to read it.

We participated in an exciting scientific / mountaineering search in the mountains of the mythical Mount Parnassos. We decided to share this exciting quest with all of you, the people of the mountains, science or just people of the next door.

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