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Duration: 7 days
Tour type
: Hiking

This 7 days tour takes places in the Vikos-Aoos National Park, the most untouched area in Greece, in the region of Epirus. The relative small human impact, the rare flora and fauna of the area, and thanks to its wild and unspoiled nature makes this place unique in Greece.

Cross the impressive Vikos gorge, located in the heart of the National Park, and  listed in Guinness as the deepest gorge in the world.

Visit Zagori a mountainous region of stunning beauty, and stay at some of the picturesque stone villages a masterpiece of traditional architecture, ideal for those seeking relaxation and tranquility.

Featured Trips

Greece Highlights

Join us in this adventure and you will have the chance to visit some of the most impotant sites and beauties of Greece. Delphi archeological site, Meteora the "suspended" rocks and Vikos the deepest gorge in the world.

Wine tour - Ancient temple of Artemis

While you are on holiday take the opportunity to visit the vineyards of Mesogeia district, the oldest and largest wine producing region in Greece. Visit also the archaeological site of Vravrona.

Olympus Mt. Tour

Trekking the highest mountain of Greece, the mythical home of the ancient Greek Gods, is definitely a unique experience. Visit ancient sites and swimming into crystal-clear pools with waterfalls.

Cycling tour in Evia island

Cycle across the coastline of wonderfull Evia island having a view at the wonderful Aegean sea. Swim in amazing beaches with crystal clear waters, visit seaside fishing villages and taste fresh local delicacies.

Vikos Gorge-Dragon Lake Tour

An amazing route for experienced trekkers that includes a via ferrata through Aoos's gorgeous canyon, Vikos gorge crossing and a hike up to the magical alpine Dragon-Lake located in the heart of National Park.

Delphi day tour

Explore the Delphi archeological site, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and learn how the city was considered the ‘Center of the World’ in ancient Greece. Hike the ancient path towards to the Oracle of Delphi.


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